In 1997, SWCAA (the Southwestern Connecticut Agency on Aging) contracted Harrison Consulting, Inc. to develop a billing system that would migrate an annual $40 million in paper claims and paper remittances to EDI (electronic data interchange). SWCAA was not only billing for its own services but also those of its subcontractors who provided services to the elderly who qualified for the ‘Homecare Program’. The challenge wasn’t just the weekly adjudication of thousands of electronic claims and the disbursement of payments to the hundreds of subcontractors but it all had to be done using the 'latest' 1997 PC technology.

Two decades later in 2016, Harrison Consulting, Inc. was contracted to create a needs assessment report by several established Manhattan-based sole practitioners. In short, our assessment revealed that both practices became (for different reasons) victims of their own success.

In 2017 Harrison Consulting, Inc. undertook the challenge of developing a system that would mirror organic workflow: Appointment to Visit to Bill/Claim to Payment return full control of a medical practice back to the sole practitioner. In January of 2018, IBEX version 1.0 was tested and installed. One sole practitioner saw their revenue jump 37% in fiscal year 2018 and is currently on track to further increase their revenue another 15% for 2019. The reasons are simple:

  • Mobile and app-based scheduling allow the practitioner to better manage their workday
  • Automated appointment reminders significantly reduce ‘no-shows’
  • Cashflow is increased because of same-day insurance claim submissions and private-pay, deductible, copay, and coinsurance payments are processed using credit cards and NFC (contactless) payments as well as by cash and check
  • Consolidated accounting allows the practitioner to easily track delinquent payments.

For 25 years, Harrison Consulting’s mission statement has been Making the ‘Net’ Work. IBEX hits that mark.