Imagine a HIPAA, CCPA, and PCI compliant medical practice management system designed specifically for sole practitioners that consolidates the accessibility and mobility of Google Calendar™ for patient scheduling; checks patient EOB with the touch of a button; allows patient progress notes to be typed, handwritten, or dictated; offers the robustness of QuickBooks™ for patient accounting; the means of billing insurance claims taking just seconds; and the ability to accept credit card payments directly through such a system with unrivaled merchant fees. This is IBEX, the latest Harrison Consulting, Inc. solution to a very persistent problem.

Unlike other medical practice management solutions, IBEX isn’t just a website nor is it just a software application. IBEX is a revolutionary new system which implements a technology we call ‘Cloud-Top’ that allows our Desktop application (providing ‘old-school’ autonomy, speed, reliability, ease of use, security, and functionality) to work in concert with our Cloud-Based back-office services. IBEX’s Cloud-Top technology is how we keep things simple. Cloud-Top allows you (the sole practitioner) to focus on quality of care with minimal data entry, while we at Harrison Consulting do all the heavy lifting for you (things like maintaining your contracted procedure code rates, synchronizing your mobile phone’s calendar to IBEX, billing insurance and reconciling their payments, running EOB queries, sending appointment reminders via text and e-mail, etc.). Moreover, your practice can benefit from the relationships Harrison Consulting has forged since its incorporation in 1996 by taking advantage of Credit/Debit card and NFC payments (performed directly through IBEX) with incredibly low merchant fees. Imagine: saving money in merchant fees while eliminating payment information and all its errors.