Our Solution: IBEX & the 'Cloud-Top'

Harrison Consulting, Inc.'s solution was to create a whole new system called IBEX, a hybrid cloud-desktop or ‘Cloud-Top’, which leverages the feature-rich power and responsiveness of a desktop application with our proprietary, centralized backend services on the other side of your Internet connection. Our ‘Cloud-Top’ approach allows you to efficiently manage your practice’s core information (patient information, appointment schedule, progress notes, patient payments) using IBEX Desktop and we do the rest. Additionally, IBEX Desktop is designed for today’s tablet PC, so there’s very little keyboard-based entry and most functions are performed by ‘clicking-and-dragging’. Even progress notes are simply hand written using a stylus or dictated.

Appointments can be scheduled, changed, and deleted using IBEX Desktop, your mobile phone’s native calendar application, and/or MS Outlook™. Additionally, the same calendar can include personal and professional appointments.
Appointment reminders via SMS and e-mail are sent automatically. Just select which patients you want to receive appointment reminders and we do the rest.
Create group e-mails to your patients using IBEX’s mail-merge feature or send statements and bills to individual patients. Either way, e-mails appear in your mail application's "Sent Items" folder.
‘One-Click’ insurance EOB allows you to check coverage, remaining deductibles, and co-pay.
Missed appointments can be billed directly to the patient regardless of insurance coverage.
Smart Procedure Codes default to the maximum contract rate for insurance patients. For private-pay, Smart Procedure Codes ‘remember’ what your patient was charged the last time you provided a procedure …a huge time saver for those with friends and family!
IBEX Medical Practice Management
Progress notes can be typed, dictated, or written using a stylus (ideal for taking notes during the session/appointment).
Billing private-pay and insurance is as simple as clicking and dragging concluded office visits onto a new bill and clicking POST. That’s it!
‘Hands-Free’ Insurance Claim submissions and ERA processing. Claims are automatically submitted to payers and insurance payments are automatically applied.
IBEX Medical Practice Management
Our integrated payment system not only allows you to process credit/debit and NFC payments at unbeatable rates (averaging 2% + 5¢ per transaction) but those payments are automatically applied to your patients’ accounts, eliminating any additional data entry.
Consolidated Accounting gives you a complete financial picture of each patient and have a bird’s-eye-view of your practice as a whole. Now you can differentiate between what is due for a patient and what the patient actually owes (total due subtracted by the value of in-process claims).
IBEX maintains a complete backup of your data, so even if your tablet PC is lost, stolen, or suffers catastrophic failure, we can get your information restored and your practice running again in a matter of hours.